Friday, July 6, 2012

Digital Therapy Machine

RM60.00 termasuk pos

  According to the physics, bionics, bio - electricity, traditional Chinese medicine veins and arteries studies, and combined with large clinical practice, adopted Modern microelectronics technique, Digital Therapy Massage hast the latest exquisite healthy care articles. It not only has acupuncture, pound shot, massage, fire pot, tuina, skin scraping, weight reduction etc various functions, also have the one and only immunity conditioning function .It also specially develop a normal temperature red and outside frequency chart electrode, make treatment act more thorough, the capability is getting deeper, the effect is getting more wonderful.

Using method
1、Applying to digital technique, digital therapy massage transform the physical factor to the  accurate figures signs ,then according to the human body  requirement ,the computer will carry on to comprehensive treatment ,and assure the precision of treatment  and greatly raise the effect of treatment;
2、The super LCD liquid crystal display includes an intensity, function, mode, therapy, time, Chinese-English display system and the human body veins and arteries acupuncture points chart etc., this eight greatest function can be set by itself, and it can easily operation .
3、Using infrared electrode slab, the coverage area will be larger;
4、The unique "immunity conditioning" functions strengthens and harmoniously adjust body resistibility and helps human body defeat outside coming germ and virus...etc. capability.;
5、Marvelous waveform assemble makes you naturally realize the true felling of  acupuncture, pound shot, massage ,fire pot, tuina and skin scraping;
6、The LCD veins and arteries chart guides a treatment. According to the symptom, it selects the different acupuncture to carry on a treatment, if you just want massage to relieve tiresome, so you can select acupuncture points to carry on then, according to the acupuncture point’s chart or at the place of ache. Because it is very convenient.
    The stiff shoulder unit, and nerve paralyze, the neuralgia, leg unit is aching, the low immunity capability, the wholly tiring body, stomach-ache, heavy cold, cervical vertebra neck pain, shoulder cycle burning, toothache, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, reduce weight and weight reduction, suffer from insomnia, energy decrease, sex function fade, the menstruation in adjust etc. and various urgently, chronic disease。

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eye care massager (sunglasses)

1, Sunglasses massager 
2, Newest design
3, Vibration massager type
4, Easy to use and carry
5, Offer you a new feeling with it
 Functional Description
1, It has 24pieces of fingerlike massage contactors
2, massaging styles with timer 3 or 5 minutes
3, It will be off automatically after working 10 minutes if no other operation
4, Simple and humanization design with visible lenses
5, Can be carried and used anywhere, anytime.
6, It kneed and massage eyes by vibration. Improve the blood cycle around eyes, stimulate the movement of eye cell, release eye strain, Prevent from myopia, and enhance the efficiency of working and studying.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Nama Produk : Captain Box
Bahan : Kayu rosewood
Saiz : 30 in
Negara asal : Pakistan
Harga : RM860.00